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Hi there

My name is Andrew Aurora

I am an Audio Engineer currently residing in Nashville TN. I have been making a living as an Audio Engineer in Nashville for 6 years, doing live sound at some of the most popular clubs in Nashville and spending the rest of my time Mixing & Mastering and producing my own Music.

My specialty is Mixing and Mastering music, and it's what I excel at. Nothing makes me happier than bringing an artist's creative vision to life and hearing the joy they get when they hear that finished product for the first time. 

I love that what I love to do can help someone else. I have spent my entire career working with musicians and artists, and hearing all the amazing music and being blessed enough to have a hand in bringing their dreams to fruition is the most fulfilling thing in the world to me, and I cannot wait to work with you on your art.

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Working with Andrew was fantastic! Right from our initial conversations to the end of the project, he was transparent and forthcoming about technical requirements and preparation, as well as timelines and sound references. 

Everything was done on time if not before it was due, and he was eager to help me find the sound I was looking for in the finished product. His attention to detail and his concerns for my art truly brought about a great music release that we could both be proud of!

- Ender Bowen

We trusted Andrew With our 1st big single His mixing is incredible. He truly has a good ear for sounds. He delivers in a quick Professional manner. Thank you Andrew!

- Doe Frazier Of "The ELDERZ"

my Services system

My services are for you if:

You have music you need Mixed and/or Mastered
You want your music to sound professional
You want to save time and outsource Mixing and Mastering
You are Producer who wants to focus more time on Production
You are a musical artist who wants their recorded and produced music to be radio ready

What I offer

Mixing and Mastering Services
Professional Quality
Fast turnaround time
A personal and easy going experience
Great communication throughout the project
High attention to detail
Mixing And Mastering


Andrew Aurora

I'm an audio Engineer from Nashville TN. I specialize in bringing artists' and producers creative visions to life through Mixing and Mastering

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