Looking to connect More?

I have a few different ways that we can connect...

Hey my fellow artist/producer, I'm excited to connect! Below I've listed the best ways to reach me. Can't wait to hear from you


Reach out to me on Instagram! If Instagram is your preferred platform you can connect with me on Instagram.


If you wanna connect with me a little faster, Facebook is my preferred platform. Can't wait to connect!


If you have decided you wanna work with me after hearing my portfolio, Email is the best place to make business Inquiries. Can't wait to work together!

Andrew Aurora

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I put together my "12 Tips to finding the right Mixing and Mastering Engineer" to help Artists and producers find the right person for their music so their creative vision can be brought to life without wasting time or money on the wrong person.

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Andrew Aurora

I'm an audio Engineer from Nashville TN. I specialize in bringing artists' and producers creative visions to life through Mixing and Mastering

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