How To Mix A Song From Start To Finish Episode 3 - EDM Edition

How Mix A Song From Start To Finish

Are you wanting to learn how to mix and master a song from start to finish?

My name is Andrew Aurora and I help Artists, Producers, and Mixers bring their creative vision to life through Mixing and Mastering

And today I wanna show you how to mix and master a song from start to finish using my original song "Thinking About You"

This song is based in the EDM genre, so if you wanna know how to mix EDM from start to finish then this video is for you

How To Mix A Song From Start To Finish Episode 3 - EDM Edition

About This Video

In this video I mix and master my song "Thinking About You" from start to finish

What you will learn in this video:

- How to approach a very ambient EDM mix

- How reverb can completely alter the ambience and vibe of a song

- How to take an already well produced song and carve out all the details to make it a professional sounding mix

- How to mix quickly and efficiently using a template that is set up for successHow to utilize top-down mixing to speed up your workflow

- And more...

I go over my template set up and show you how to mix from beginning to end, starting with the drums and ending with the vocals.

From There I start mastering and combing over the song for some final tweaks.

If you are wanting to learn to mix and master EDM then I am sure this video will help you

I hope you enjoyed this post about How To Mix A Song From Start To Finish

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Andrew Aurora
Andrew Aurora

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new content weekly here on my blog on how to bring your creative vision to life so you can start creating amazing music. Please share any content ideas you would like for me to create for you!

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