How To Mix Vocals: My Vocal Chain

How To Mix Vocals

Do you wanna know how to mix vocals like a pro?

My name is Andrew Aurora and I help Artists, Producers, and Mixers bring their creative vision to life through Mixing and Mastering

And today I am going to talk to you about How To Mix Vocals Like A Pro using my vocal chain

Let's jump right in

How To Mix Vocals Like A Pro

What You Will Learn

In this weeks video you are going to learn how to mix vocals like a pro using my personal vocal chain that I use on every mix

This is how I get consistent and in-your-face vocals like the pros get in all your favorite records

What I go over in this video:

• What compressors I use
• How I use EQ and dynamic EQ on vocals
• My vocal duplication trick
• How I control dynamics on vocals
• My entire vocal chain

I hope you enjoyed this post about How To Mix Vocals: My Vocal Chain

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Andrew Aurora
Andrew Aurora

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new content weekly here on my blog on how to bring your creative vision to life so you can start creating amazing music. Please share any content ideas you would like for me to create for you!

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