These songs are intended to showcase my best work and a variety of different songs and genres that I have worked on.
The songs used within this portfolio are either songs from clients, my own original music, or songs that are considered "Portfolio legal", so long as I don't take credit as the original mixer. (See the credits tab for more info)

Artist: Ender bowen

Song: Art of Tactful Procrastination (Full album on all platforms)

Genre: Progressive Synth Rock

Artist: The Elders

Song: Brand New

Genre: 90's Hip Hop

Artist: Andrew Aurora

Song: I've Been Thinking

Genre: Electronic

Artist: Bobix Beats

Song: Nicki Minaj

Genre: Afro Beats

Artist: Andrew Aurora

Song: Fuck it up

Genre: Electronic/Industrial Electronic

Artist: Andrew Aurora

Song: H2O

Genre: Chill Electronic

Artist: Dirgie Within

Song: Memories (I did not work on the official release)

Genre: Hard Rock

Artist: MVP

Song: She is a Lady (I did not work on the official release)

Genre: Electronic band

Artist: LA Maybe

Song: She's Reckless (I did not work on the official release)

Genre: Rock'n Roll

Artist: Kenton Bryant

Song: Better Than Me (I did not work on the official release)

Genre: Country

Artist: Liberosian State

Song: Sick Again

Genre: Electronic

Artist: Jesper Sorensen

Song: From The Deep

Genre: Electronic

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Andrew Aurora

I'm an audio Engineer from Nashville TN. I specialize in bringing artists' and producers creative visions to life through Mixing and Mastering

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